Roof Pizza Chronicles

Room 809: The Would-Be Starlet →

Hey Roof Pizzateers (that’s you) it’s Will (that’s me) letting you know where you can some cool stuff we’re working on. First off let me tell you about my new show Tales From The Swan Hotel, it’s a monthly fully scripted anthology series produced by myself and written & directed by my good friend Thaddeus Ellenburg. We’ve got a fantastic lineup of some top notch Bay Area comics in each episode so stay tuned on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever else podcasts are found.

You can also find Jacob and myself every week talking comic books along with past Roof Pizza guest Ivan Hernandez at the Escapist Comics Podcast which can be found in the exact same place as old episodes of Roof Pizza and new episodes of Tales From The Swan Hotel!

Looking for a little human interaction? Have no fear! You can find Jacob hosting his very own and very fun trivia night every Tuesday at Kip’s Bar in Berkeley, CA. Also, join him every Wednesday for Comedy at Kip’s!